Monday, December 19, 2011

Building With Broken Bricks

"A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him."       ~David Brinkle

Think about this quote, because when I read it, I really felt that it embodies everything I'm trying to help you see. If success can be found by building with the broken bricks that have smashed at your feet, then that's what we need to strive for.

Here... Let me explain a little better...

If you look at the bricks - as our denied freedoms, ignored people-backed intiatives or laws, and the "others" - as the different governing bodies and law enforcement groups that have come against us, and a "foundation" as the path to legalization, then success would be to take those broken laws and prohibitive platforms, and use them as the bricks we build our foundation upon.

It's simple really, and you can do so many things with broken bricks, that it's amazing anyone would think to give their opponents such an arsenal.

Did you know that bricks are one of the Strongest material known to date?

Or that most structures made from bricks last Longer than almost any other building material?

Bricks have been around since before 7,000 BC and have shaped such historical structures as the Ancient City of Ur in Mesopotamia, the Great Pyramids, the Ancient Jetavanaramaya Stupa in Anduradhapura, Sir Lanka and the largest brick castle in the world - Melbork Castle.

All f these structures are still standing today and in impeccable shape for their ages.

Just about all of the building where our founding fathers planned, schemed, plotted, prepared, debated and sign our most treasured historical documents, were made from brick. Serious, even if the bricks are broken, those that toss them at us, have still given us a seriously substantial building material that has proven to be successful over and over again.

So if we get H.I.G.H. about using those brokem bricks, we can use our noggins to come up with ways to have those bricks build a strong long-lasting foundation upon which we can build our canna-structures.

So break down those bricks into the clay they began as, and remold them into the bricks to build your business on, crumble them further to be the gravel that you walk on to follow your dreams and the basis of your success.

And remember,

Every time the government says no,

Every time high society says we can't or shouldn't,

Every time they spread fear through lies and deception,

Every time they deny our intiatives, redresses and proposals,

Every sing time they arrest one of us,

Every time they try to silence us,

When ever they put one more hurdle on our path,

These are bricks we can use.

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