Sunday, December 18, 2011

Getting H.I.G.H: Legalizing Cannabis

Are you a part of the 90% of this nation that think the Drug War has failed?

Are you a part of the 85% of this country that wants to see an end to arrests for cannabis possession?

Are you a part of the 75% of these great states that feels that cannabis should be included in every aspect of our lives, not excluded?

Cannabis is one of this earths greatest and most abundant treasures. It can offer any person the chance to gain health, happiness and success. Which is why we need to get H.I.G.H. about pushing the end of the prohibition, and I've figured out just how we can do it!

We need to get H.I.G.H. about starting up cannabiz's, founding canna-organizations and creating an economy that is so surrounded by cannabis that the only choice left for our legislators, will be to legalize cannabis in all it's aspects.

I'm talking about positive change.

I'm talking about owning up to your beliefs.

I'm talking about getting off your butt and doing something!

I'm talking about following your dreams until you succeed, and then going even further.

Together we can do it!

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